About Me

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Officially, SKH-Translate has started back in September 2008. I had returned to Germany from studies abroad.

For more than five years, I have enjoyed a good reputation as a translator of in-game guides and other professional documents. I took part already in several projects too. Now, I have finally gone live with this SKH-Translate webpage!

Not only lending a helping hand to the administration of the architectural studio of my father as a teen, but also the translation of papers, magazines, leaflets or song texts especially made me love what I am doing today.

I have learned that communication is the most important part in peoples’ lives. Without it, we would not be able to exchange stories or experiences externally, and even worse, not be able to evaluate matters or make decisions internally.

For sure, there is international trade for SKH-Translate.










August 2017, Master Linguist Stefanie Katja Harres (EuBAc/ESB) & ZFA